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Parish Ogranization
(Pastoral Council, Commissions & Committees, Staff)

Parish Council

The Pastoral Councilís responsibility is to maintain the integrity of the parish mission and related parish goals through ongoing pastoral planning under the direction of the Pastor. The council develops the parish mission statement and three to five year parish goals, then works with each commission to establish objectives for the upcoming year. The Council provides each commission with the support and direction needed to carry out its yearly objectives, and helps solve any problems that may arise during the year. At the end of the year, the council and commissions work together to evaluate achievements and set the next yearís objectives. The Council is guided in its work by prayer and consensus.

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Commissions & Committees

Commissions are responsible for developing yearly objectives and overseeing the implementation of committees to accomplish objectives in their area of responsibility. They are expected to develop action plans, discuss their needs with the Council, work with existing parish groups (ministries), and develop additional ministries if needed. An evaluation is expected upon completion of a task. Commissions are to include a representative from the Council, the parish staff, and parishioners with leadership abilities who have knowledge of the area for which they are responsible. The seven commissions are: Worship, Faith Formation, Community and Pastoral Care, School, Service, Stewardship, and Finance

Parish Staff

The parish staff provide the essential underpinning and operational support required by the Council, Commissions, and their Committees to function effectively. A staff member is assigned to work with the Council and each Commission. Staff should be kept informed of the actions of the Council and Commissions, and may participate in Council and Commission meetings as consultants and resource people. They should keep the Council abreast of significant events within the diocese and deanery. They should also have the opportunity to seek advice and support from the Council as needed.

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