Saint Mary on the Hill


"From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required."

Parish Miscellaneous Information

Altar Flowers
Call the Church Office (706-733-6627) several weeks in advance if you wish to donate flowers for the altar in honor of an anniversary, birthday or in memory of a loved one.

The bulletin is published weekly. The deadline is Monday at 12:00 noon to submit information to appear in the following Sunday bulletin. Your written information can be sent to the church office via mail, fax or e-mail at

Rest in Peace
Announcements are published in the bulletin the week following a death. We normally only list registered family members with the deceased.

Prayer Request
Names are listed in the bulletin upon request for two weeks. If you wish your name or the name of a loved one to remain on the list after two weeks, please contact the Church Office. Please check with the person before calling to add their name to the Prayer Request list.

The Marianite is published monthly and is mailed to parishioners. It includes information about people, activities, and events in the parish and community. Suggestions for articles and/or pictures should be sent to

Mass Cards & Memorial Card
Mass Cards are available through the Church Office. Please come in person, or send your request in writing. The customary stipend is $10 or more per Mass. Please keep in mind that we are sometimes booked as many as 3 months in advance. Masses for the next year are available after Pentecost Sunday.

Pulpit Announcements
For a verbal announcement about your activity, call the church office, by noon on Wednesday.

Stewardship Contributions and Statements
Contribution envelopes are mailed to your home address on a bi-monthly basis. Please use your envelopes when making your contribution. If making a contribution without your envelope, please include your envelope number on your check or blank envelope, including your full name. Contributions are entered for the week they are received; therefore, if you have been away and are catching up on your contributions, it is not necessary to include the envelopes for the Sundays you have missed, or to submit multiple checks.

Contribution statements are mailed semi-annually. End of year statements are provided for tax purposes. If you find an error in any of your statements, please notify the church office.

Please remember to notify the church office of any address changes as your envelopes and statements are mailed bulk rate and are usually not forwarded by the post office.

You can make contributions online at Make Donations /Tithe Online

In thanksgiving for Godís gifts, each household at St. Mary on the Hill is asked to give a specific percentage of income based on the biblical tithe: 8% to St. Mary on the Hill, 1% to the Diocese, and 1% to Charity.

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