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"Call the church office for details"

Event Planning Form

The Event Planning Form must be completed and dropped off at the church office. The form is located below and please notify the church office as soon as possible about the date you would like to reserve.

All items must be removed from the hall and kitchen area. Clean up includes removal of all food, supplies and dishes that you bring with you. All food must be removed from the refrigerators. Trash containers should be emptied and taken to the dumpster. Sinks and countertops should be cleaned and the floor mopped in the kitchen and elsewhere, if needed. It is our hope that this procedure will facilitate an orderly process that will benefit the entire parish.

St. Mary’s reserves the right to use the facilities for important functions. At such times we will notify the renters as far in advanced as possible and will try to secure another room within our parish facilities for them. St. Mary’s also reserves the right to terminate a rental agreement. Please return this form to the Church Office when completed.

Request information for Event Planning

Event Planning Form

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